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RF element,update the microwave anechoic chamber

TAG:RF element,update the microwave anechoic chamber

In daily development work, our R&D engineers need to test wireless antennas in the microwave anechoic chamber, to confirm antenna performance, such as the frequency, gain, signal patterns, Beamwidth, Front-to-Back Ratio, and so on.

Therefore, in order to meet the new 5G antennas development, RF element,as the leading wireless antenna manufacturer, update the latest microwave test chamber in time, frequency range 300MHz to 8.5GHz, 32 probes system. With this test chamber, our R&D engineers can more accurate and more convenient to check the performance of the wireless antennas, improve the design to make the final antenna, meeting our customers request.

RF element, always strive to provide the reliable wireless antenna products and solutions for our global customers. We are not satisfied for only being the wireless antenna manufacturer, but to be your reliable partner. 

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TAG:RF element,update the microwave anechoic chamber
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