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RF element, The 5G antenna types

TAG:RF element, The 5G antenna types

5G, The 5th generation of cellular networks, one major innovation of The fourth revolution of science and technology, offering seamless voice and high speed data transmission, achieving the virtual reality. Most countries in the world now operate their 5G network on the sub 6GHz frequency spectrum between 3.3-3.8GHz. Also 5G network will be operated at frequencies as low as 600MHz and 700MHz across parts of North America and Europe.

In order to meet the growing 5G network demand, RF element as the leading  5G antenna manufacturer is committed to developing and manufacturing the different types of 5G antennas, frequency range from  600-4200MHz, including the 5G ceiling antenna, 5G panel antenna, 5G omni antenna and 5G feedhorn antenna.

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TAG:RF element, The 5G antenna types
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