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RF element, The 5G full frequency band sharing solution for DAS

TAG:RF element, The 5G full frequency band sharing solution for DAS

Statistics show that in 4G, about 70% of the business occurs in indoor scenes. It has been forecast that more than 85% of the business of 5G will occur in indoor scenes. So indoor scenes are becoming more and more important in the 5G communication. At the same time, 5G indoor applications are more diversified and higher requirements for the network. For example, AR/VR, 8KHD, intelligent manufacturing and wireless medical treatment not only enriche the indoor application scenarios, but also require the wider bandwidth and the low delay. Therefore, it is very important to improve 5G signal indoor coverage in the future.

There are there are three major challenges for the 5G indoor network construction.

1, The great construction scale. As well know that 5G frequency band is higher than 4G, the higher the frequency band, the greater the transmission loss. So we need more 5G antennas to set up the indoor network.

2, The high construction cost. The existing indoor antennas can not support the 5G frequency band. Compared with 4G, the 5G investment would be very high, not matter the reconstruction or the new construction.

3, The difficulty to implement. The 5G indoor antennas would prefer to be installed at the 2G/3G/4G indoor antennas positions. Then the appropriate antenna installation location, machine room and wiring space will be insufficient.

In order to reduce the cost of 5G indoor network construction, RF element, as the leading 5G antenna manufacturer, figure out the full frequency band solution for the 5G antennas. It means that our 5G antennas all support the 2G/3G/4G/5G frequency bands, frequency range from 698-4200MHz, even from 600-6000MHz.

RF element, devote oneself to the development of 5G indoor network construction.

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TAG:RF element, The 5G full frequency band sharing solution for DAS
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