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RF element, Is 5G antenna radiation harmful to human body

TAG:RF element, Is 5G antenna radiation harmful to human body

"Communication base stations all have radiation, and 5G antenna base stations have more radiation than 4G, so 5G antenna radiation will be higher than 4G, causing great harm to human health."  

With the first year of 5G commercial use, as well as the acceleration of people's life, this kind of argument has become increasingly popular. More and more people erred in believing that 5G antenna base station radiation is very harmful to people.

As the professional 5G antenna manufacturer, We, RF element want to say something about this argument.

Radiation is a form of energy transfer. In fact, the more base stations there are, the better the phone calls will be, and the less electromagnetic radiation will be generated between them.
In addition, the Earth itself is a large magnetic field, the nature of lightning and thunder, sunspot activity will produce electromagnetic radiation. In the life, radio station, antenna base station, microwave oven, induction cooker, computer, TV, blower, mobile phone and the household electric appliance, can produce electromagnetic radiation. Generally speaking, the radiation of hair dryer can reach 100 microwatts/square centimeter, induction cooker radiation amount even can reach 580 microwatts/square centimeter, wireless router in 1 meter range of radiation amount also has 60 microwatts/square centimeter above. But according to national standards, the electromagnetic radiation of communication antenna base stations must be less than 40 microwatts per square centimeter. In practice, the communication operator takes into account signal stacking, and the construction is limited to 8 microwatts/cm2. 

As a result, compared with common household appliances (whose electromagnetic radiation values are within the safe range), the radiation of communication antenna base stations around us is really very small.
The communication experts also reported that the network speed has nothing to do with the radiative increment of antenna base station. Because the speed of the network does not depend on increasing the signal transmitting power of the base station, but on expanding the transmission bandwidth, something like widening the highway. The 5G antenna communication base station is also base on this principle.

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TAG:RF element, Is 5G antenna radiation harmful to human body
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