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RF element, What is RFID antenna

TAG:RF element, What is RFID antenna

Radio Frequency Identification(RFID), combined with Internet communication technologies can realize the tracking and information of global objects, so it is considered to be an important cornerstone to realize the Internet of Things, and is listed as one of the ten important technologies in the 21st century.

In the process of wireless communication, antenna is an essential part. RFID uses radio waves to transmit information, and the generation and reception of radio waves need to be completed by the antenna. When the electronic tag enters in the working area of the antenna reader, The e-tag antenna then generates enough induced current to get activated. For RFID system, antenna is the most important part, it is closely related to the performance of the system.

What are the types of RFID antennas?

The antenna of RFID system can be divided into RFID electronic tag antenna and RFID reader antenna. These two kinds of antennas can also be subdivided into omnidirectional antennas and directional antennas according to their directionality. And according to the shape difference, the RFID antenna also be divided into linear antenna and panle antenna.

RFID reader antenna needs to have the characteristics of wide band and circular polarization. 

In the low and high frequency bands, electronic tags and readers basically are make by the coil antennas, generally using copper wire. 

In the UHF band, electronic tags and readers usually make by the etching process, including copper etching antenna and aluminum etching antenna, because the process is relatively mature.

In the microwave band, antenna forms are more diversified, including symmetrical oscillator antenna, microstrip antenna, array antenna and broadband antenna and so on.

The development trend of RFID antennas

1, Small size. With the development of intelligent demand and technology, the size of RFID antenna is still developing in the direction of miniaturization.

2, Mass production. Compared with the traditional process, conductive ink printing antenna has a lower cost, more efficient production. The whole process is also relatively simple, more suitable for mass production.

3, Green process. Conductive ink printing is far more environmentally friendly than etching, which produces waste from chemical reactions that pollute the environment.

As the comprehensive wireless antenna manufacturer, RF element provides a series of high performance RFID antennas for indoor and outdoor use, including the directional panel antenna and omnidirectional antenna with different gain.

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TAG:RF element, What is RFID antenna
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