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RF element, What is LoRa antenna

TAG:RF element, What is LoRa antenna

LoRa is the meaning of the "long rang", a low-power long-distance wireless communication technology. It is an important wireless technology for Low Power Wide Area Network (LPWAN), mainly for Internet of Things (IoT) or M2M applications. The following will mainly focus on LoRa wireless technology and a brief analysis of adaptive antenna to explore the direction of the Internet of things(IoT).

Although LoRa has been proposed more than 10 years, as one of the important technologies of the Internet of Things, it still has certain reference significance compared with competitors such as NB-iot. 

The Characteristics of Lora Technology are as follows:

1, Transmission distance: up to 2-5 Km in towns and 15 Km in suburbs;

2, Operating frequency :ISM band includes 433MHz/868MHz/915 MH;

3, Standard: IEEE 802.15.4g;

4, Capacity: One LoRa gateway can connect with thousands of LoRa nodes;

5, Security: AES128 encryption;

6, Transmission rate: hundreds to dozens of Kbps, the lower transmission rate, the longer transmission distance.

The types of LoRa antennas

1, The indoor ceiling Distributed Antenna System (DAS) antenna, frequency range 698-960MHz/1710-2700MHz, Used to distribute cellular and WiFi signals throughout a building or area.

2, The outdoor omnidirectional antenna, such as the 433MHz fiberglass omni antenna, 824-960MHz fiberglass omni antenna

3, The outdoor directional antenna, such as the the 824-960MHz yagi directional antenna, 902-928MHz panel antenna

As the comprehensive wireless antenna manufacturer, RF element provides a series of hige performance LoRa antennas for indoor and outdoor use, including the 433MHz ceiling antenna, 433MHz panel antenna, 824-960MHz fiberglass omni antenna and 824-960MHz panel antenna.

TAG:RF element, What is LoRa antenna
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