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RF element, The 900MHz mimo feedhorn solutions

TAG:RF element, The 900MHz mimo feedhorn solutions

Some customers from USA inquiried us that they were looking for high gain mimo antenna which was working on 900MHz frequency band for the long distance application.

At first, we recommend our 900MHz dual polarized mimo yagi antenna with 11dBi gain to them. But got the feedback that this mimo yagi antenna was not with the enough gain that meeting the long distance requirement.

Considering the frequency band 900MHz and the high gain requirement, our R&D engineers figured out that the paraboloid dish antenna woud be the perfect option, since only need the 60cm dish, the antenna gain can up to 16dBi on the 900MHz frequency band. So the remaining work is to design and develop the 900MHz dual polarized mimo feedhorn, working with the 60cm dish.

As the professional wireless antenna manufacturer, we need to improve our antenna products to meet the different demands. After a series of tests, our R&D engineers created the 2 types of 900MHz mimo feedhorn to match the 60cm dish, achieving the good performance. 

Happy to know that these 900MHz mimo feedhorn are not only liked by the customers from USA, but also the The Middle East customers.

RF element, the innovative wireless antenna manufacturer in China.

TAG:RF element, The 900MHz mimo feedhorn solutions
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