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RF element, The fiberglass omnidirectional antenna solutions

TAG:RF element, The fiberglass omnidirectional antenna solutions

In the construction of wireless communication system, the fiberglass omnidirectional antenna is often used as the relay antenna.

Many users believe that as long as the antenna gain is high, there will be strong communication signal, especially when there is a requirement to pass through the wall, so they are pursuing the absolute value of the antenna gain. As the professional fiberglass omni antenna manufacturer, today we want to talk something about the fiberglass omni antenna.

The omnidirectional antenna is one that has no direction in the horizontal plane, but as the gain increases in the vertical plane, the antenna coverage becomes narrower and narrowerIn. Bove the gain of 8dBi, the angle on the vertical plane will be less than 15 degrees. Indoor household or industrial routers, such as Cisco and Huawei D-Link, the antenna selection is generally in the range of 2-5dBi, and high-gain antennas are rarely used. This is because the size of the high-gain antenna is generally large and it is inconvenient to install; Also the high-gain omnidirectional antenna, although the horizontal plane is omnidirectional radiation, but the radiation angle coverage on the vertical plane is very narrow, backfiring in the short range wireless communication. Therefore, the omni antennas with a gain below 8dBi are generally selected for indoor coverage of short and medium distance.

As the professional fiberglass omni antenna manufacturer, we also want to give the suggestions when using high gain fiberglass omni antenna. It is necessary to pay attention to the radiation direction diagram of fiberglass omni antenna, especially the beamwidth in the vertical plane. In the outdoor area where communication distance is required to be very far, fiberglass omni antenna with high gain is usually used. At this time, the radiation Angle on the vertical surface of the antenna will be very narrow, so it is required to ensure that the transceiver antenna is in the same horizontal position as far as possible. The antenna height can be calculated according to the required communication distance, coverage range and antenna lobe width, so as to ensure the communication signal of the high-gain antenna.

Also as the fiberglass omni antenna manufacturer, we produce and provide the high performance fiberglass omni antennas, operating frequency from 433MHz to 60000MHz, antenan gain range from 3dBi to 13dBi. More information, would you please refer to,

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TAG:RF element, The fiberglass omnidirectional antenna solutions
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