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Antenna selection principle | 4g lte antenna

TAG:Antenna selection principle | 4g lte antenna

Polarization mode selection: Due to the difficulty in selecting the urban base station site and the limited antenna installation space, it is recommended to select dual polarization antenna and broadband antenna;

Pattern selection: In urban areas, it is mainly considered to improve frequency reuse, so directional antenna is generally selected;

Selection of half power beam width: in order to better control the coverage of the cell to suppress interference, the horizontal half power beam width of the urban antenna is 60~65 °; 4g lte antenna

Selection of antenna gain: Since the urban base station generally does not require a large coverage distance, it is recommended to select an antenna with medium gain. It is recommended that the urban antenna gain should be 15-18dBi. If the gain of the microcellular antenna used for blind compensation in the urban area is lower, the antenna can be selected;

Downdip angle selection: because the antenna tilt angle is adjusted frequently in urban areas, and some antennas need to be set with a large tilt angle, and mechanical downdip is not conducive to interference control, it is recommended to select a preset downdip angle antenna. An antenna with a fixed electrical dip angle can be selected, and an electrically adjustable antenna can also be selected when conditions are met.

TAG:Antenna selection principle | 4g lte antenna
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