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Antenna selection of base stations in rural areas | 4g lte antenna

TAG:Antenna selection of base stations in rural areas | 4g lte antenna

Application environment characteristics: the base stations are sparsely distributed, the traffic volume is small, and the requirements for data services are relatively low, requiring wide coverage. In some places, there is only one base station around, and coverage becomes the most concerned object. In this case, antenna selection should be considered in combination with the area around the base station to be covered.

Pattern selection: If the BTS is required to cover the surrounding area without obvious directivity, and the traffic distribution around the BTS is relatively scattered, omnidirectional BTS coverage is recommended. At the same time, it should be noted that the omnidirectional base station has a smaller gain, and its coverage distance is not as far as the directional base station. At the same time, pay attention to the influence of the tower body on the coverage when installing the omnidirectional antenna, and the antenna must be vertical to the ground plane. If the office requires a longer coverage distance for the base station, it needs to use a directional antenna. In general, directional antenna with horizontal half power beam width of 90 °, 105 ° and 120 ° shall be adopted; 4g lte antenna

Selection of antenna gain: antenna gain is selected according to coverage requirements. It is recommended to select directional antenna with higher gain (16-18dBi) or omnidirectional antenna with 9-11dBi in rural areas;

Selection of downdip mode: there is not much downdip adjustment for the antenna in rural areas, and the requirements for the adjustment range and characteristics of the downdip angle are not high, so it is recommended to select a mechanical downdip antenna; At the same time, when the antenna height is more than 50 meters and there is a requirement for coverage at the near end, the antenna filled with zero point can be selected preferentially to avoid the black problem under the tower.

TAG:Antenna selection of base stations in rural areas | 4g lte antenna
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