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Antenna selection of route coverage base station | 4g lte antenna

TAG:Antenna selection of route coverage base station | 4g lte antenna

Features of application environment: In this environment, the business volume is low and users are moving at a high speed. At this time, the focus is on coverage. Generally speaking, it needs to achieve strip coverage, so the road coverage is mostly two-way residential areas; Omnidirectional residential areas are also used in areas passing through towns and tourist spots; The other is to emphasize wide coverage. The type of antenna to be used should be determined in combination with the selection of station site and station type. Different roads have different environments. Generally speaking, there are relatively straight roads, such as expressways, railways, national highways, provincial highways, etc. It is recommended to build stations beside the roads. S1/1/1 or S1/1 stations are used, and high gain directional antennas are used to achieve coverage. There are winding roads, such as mountain roads, self built mountain roads at the county level, etc. In combination with the rural coverage near the highway, the station shall be built at a high place.

In the initial planning of antenna selection, high gain antennas with wide coverage distance should be selected as far as possible.

Antenna selection principle:

Pattern selection: In the base stations that aim to cover railways and highways, narrow beam and high gain directional antennas can be used. The antenna form can be flexibly selected according to the factors such as local topographic relief and turning of the road at the station;

For the selection of antenna gain, the directional antenna gain can be 17dBi-22dBi, and the omnidirectional antenna gain can be 11dBi;

Selection of downdip mode: generally, downdip angle is not set for highway coverage. It is recommended to select a cheaper mechanical downdip antenna. When the coverage is required at the near end and above 50 meters, the antenna with zero point filling (greater than 15%) can be preferred to solve the problem of black tower; 4g lte antenna

Front to back ratio: Since most users covered by the road are fast mobile users, the front to back ratio of the directional antenna should not be too high to ensure the normal handover.

TAG:Antenna selection of route coverage base station | 4g lte antenna
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