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RF element, the 5GHz high gain 4 ports mimo outdoor directional sector antenna solution


Our customer from Texas, USA contact us for one kind of high gain 5GHz mimo sector antenna with 4 ports. Also short in its length.

As we know, more gain, usually, the length of antenna would be longer. So this is the difficulty for our R&D team to make this 4 ports mimo antenna. As the experienced wireless antenna manufacturer,our engineers decide to make this antenna with ±45° polarization mode after considering all the proposals. With ±45° polarization mode, the directional antenna has the good diversity reception performance, also has the good polarization diversity gain. Moreover, under the premise of meeting the coverage  requirement, we reduce the horizontal beamwidth to 60 °, to increase the antenna gain.

We successfully develop this 4 ports mimo high gain(18dBi) 5GHz dual polarized sector antenna . And the customer is quite satisfied with our new design.

RF element, continue to  innovation.