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RF element, The multiple bands and multiple antennas solution for drone detecting


Customer from Finland contact us for one type antenna to detect the drones.

As we know, 95% drones in the market use the 2.4&5.8GHz frequency bands, and the other 5% use the 433/915/1575 MHz frequency bands. That requires us to figure out the multiple frequency bands solution to detect all kinds of drones. 

Considering of the product size, our R&D engineers decide to develop the multiple antennas structure. On the bottom of the product, there are 8 pcs of dual bands(2.4&5.8GHz) directional antennas, forming one Octagon. On the top of the product, there is 1 pcs of multiple bands(433&915&1575MHz)omnidirectional antenna.

After Several test and improvement, finally we create the special antenna with good gain and good VSWR performance to meet our customer need.

RF element, is the experienced wireless antenna manufacturer and solution provider. We do our best to make the exact antennas for our customers.