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RF element, The Band 71, 617-960MHz directional antenna Die cast aluminum units solution


Band 71, as a newer band, it is used exclusively for newer technologies such as LTE (4G) and NR (5G). The band covers the range of 617 - 698 MHz. It's a paired band, so 617 - 652 MHz is for towers to transmit to mobile devices (downlink), while 663 - 698 MHz is for mobile devices to transmit to towers (uplink).

In order to meet our customers demand of 4G and 5G, as the global 5G antenna manufacturer, our R&D engineers develop one new type of Die cast aluminum antenna raditation unit for the outdoor directional antenna applications, especially the sector and panel antenna applications. The frequency range of this new aluminum antenna raditation unit is from 617MHz to 960MHz with 8dBi gain and less than 1.5 VSWR.

Should you have any interesting about our this band 71, 617-960MHz Die cast aluminum antenna raditation unit, please feel free to contact us.