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RF element, The 5G log periodic antenna solution


The log periodic antenna often be called the LPDA, is a wideband directional antenna that provides high gain and directivity combined over a wide band of frequencies. To meet the 5G applications, especially the faster data rates applications, RF element engineers make the improvement on the current 4G lte LPDA antenna, extending frequency range to 5G band. 

Happy to say that now our two types of log periodic antennas with 11 dBi and 9 dBi gain all can support the 5G band, frequency range 689-4200MHz(698-960/1710-2700/3300-3800/3800-4200MHz). And lots of these LPDA 5G antennas are applied in the high speed data transmission, such as the high-definition video monitoring for the banks or high-definition video call.

RF element, alway adjust to the development of technology, make our wireless antenna products more competitive.