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RF element, The new design for 5G feedhorn, frequency range 1700-3800MHz


According to our customers requirement from Saudi Arabic, they are looking for one type of feedhorn, working with 60cm paraboloid dish to receive the 4G and 5G signal from long distance base station towers.

Base on our previous version, the 4G feedhorn, frequency range from 1710-2700MHz, our R&D engineers develop the latest mimo 5G feedhorn, supporting 1710-2700MHz and 3200-3800MHz, wide frequency bands.

Happy to receive the feedback from our Saudi Arabian customers, our new feedhorns work well, can pick up the 4G and 5G signal 10km far away from the tower antennas.

RF element, always insist on innovating and provide the latest 5G antenna products to meet our customers demand.