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RF element, The full copper omni antenna units solution


To lower cost, some factory would use the PCB units to make the omni antenna, especially for the 2.4GHz 8dBi fiberglass omni antenna or 5GHz 9dBi fiberglass omni antenna, Since the signal coverage pattern and the antenna gain is almost the same with the copper units, But can reduct third of the cost.

We, RF element, as the reliable wireless antenna manufacturer, insist on the highest standards for our wireless antennas products at all times. So we always suggest to use the full copper units, including the copper connector, to make these wifi fiberglass omni antennas. 

People might have the question, why must need to use the copper antenna units. 

1, to make the better, lower VSWR(copper element can make the VSWR less than 1.5, even less than 1.3)

2, to make the high conductivity(copeer element can make the conductivity up to 90% )

3, to expand the longevity of antenna