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What is the different between omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna


In different directions in space, wireless antenna has different radiation or receiving capabilities. That means the directivity of the antenna. According to different directionality, there are omnidirectional antenna and directional antenna.

Omnidirectional antenna, In horizontal pattern, the signal is radiated out equally at 360-degree, usually call non directionality. In the ordinary way, the narrower of vertical beamwidth, the higher of gain. Omnidirectional antenna is generally used in communication system with short distance and large coverage. The gain is generally below 9dB.

Directional antenna is radiated in a certain angle range in the horizontal pattern, that is usually said to be directional. Same as the omnidirectional antenna, the narrower of vertical beamwidth, the higher of gain. Directional antenna is generally used in the long communication distance, small coverage, high target density and high frequency utilization applications.

How to choose the antenna, Omnidirectional antenna or Directional antenna? As the experienced wireless antenna manufacturer, we want to give the suggestions that:

1, If we need to cover multiple sites, which located in different directions, in that case, the omnidirectional antenna is the best option.

2, If the sites were located in the same direction, unquestionably, the directional antenna is the best option.