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RF element, How to choose the wireless antennas when setting up the wifi hotspot


Now, wifi networks are being spread around us. when in coffee shops, buses, offices and other public places, we can use wifi networks through the wifi Hotspots. In daily communication, many customers asked us how to choose the appropriate wireless antennas to set up their wifi hotspots. Today, we want to make the brief about choosing the best wifi antennas for different applications.

First thing, we should know that different scenarios need the different antennas.

In the hilly areas where the radio wave propagation decline is great, so the high gain wireless antenna are the best option when we set up the wifi hotspots, such as the omni antennas with 9-12dBi, or the directional antennas with 15-18dBi.

In the urban areas, there are lots of wifi networks, in order to reduce wifi signal interference and increase download rate, we should use the medium gain antennas to set up the wifi hotspots, such as the 6-8dBi omni antennas, or 12-14dBi directional antennas.

RF element, as the wireless antenna manufacturer for years in China, have developed and manufacturered various wireless antennas for all kinds of applications, including the omni antennas(such as the fiberglass omni antenna, mimo omni antenna), and the directional antennas(such as the panel antenna, yagi antenna, sector antenna). Also available choice of different antenna gain. 

Should you have any question about setting up the wifi hotspots, please feel free to contact us for more antenna information.