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About RF element

RF element, the experienced wireless antenna manufacturer and solution provider in China.
Our products include but not limited to: 5G MIMO antenna,4G LTE antenna,WIFI antenna,RFID antenna,VHF UHF antenna and other LoRa antenna,frequency range from 300MHz to 6GHz. Also,we offer wireless antenna development for our customers, including design,testing,radio integration.
With years’ experience of R&D production management and process control,RF element’s antennas are sold to all over the world,applied in different wireless fields and de...
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New Antennas

RF element as one leading 5G antenna manufacturer in China,
owns a innovative research and advanced team, continues to develop and provide the 5G MIMO antennas to meet the latest demands from global customers.

Antenna Design & Solutions

RF element,is one leading global manufacturer of wireless connectivity products,offering a wide range of solutions across many fields,including industrial,electronics,medical,military and etc. We have the optional selection of wireless antenna products, including directional and omnidirectional antennas,available frequency range from 300MHz to 6GHz.
With the strong RF engineering background,our team are also ready to consult,design and manufacture the custom antenna products built to your exact specifications,including for custom gains and frequencies,antenna lead lengths, or distinct OEM packaging.
RF element,is striving to provide the reliable wireless antenna products and solutions for our valuable customers.

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Contact Us
Contact Us
Company: RF element Technology Ltd.                                                           5G antenna
Factory Add: JinLi Industrial Zone,GaoYao District,                                 4G LTE antenna
ZhaoQing City,526105, Guangdong Province, China.                               3G GSM antenna                  
Email:                                                                2.4GHz wifi antenna                                       
Tel: 86-18675828223                                                                             5.8GHz wifi antenna
                                                                                                          dual band wifi antenna
                                                                                                                    433MHz antenna
                                                                                                                    450MHz antenna
                                                                                                                    868MHz antenna
                                                                                                                     915MHz antenna
                                                                                                                           GPS antenna

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