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Decorative Spotlight Camouflage Antenna Solution

TAG:Decorative Spotlight Camouflage Antenna Solution

With the rapid development of wireless communication, the conflict between the traditional base station antenna and the surrounding environment is growing up, and the traditional base station antenna is difficult to integrate into the surrounding environment, which directly affects the beauty and coordination of the urban environment. In order to provide higher quality network services, the mobile communication operators usually install the decorative spotlight camouflage antennas for building coverage in the community.

RF element, as the leading wireless antenna manufacturer in China, we redesign and manufacture different kinds of die casting aluminum antenna elements for different frequency applications, such as the aluminum antenna element for 800-900MHz, aluminum antenna element for 1700-2700MHz and aluminum antenna element for 3200-3800MHz.

Just in the picture, our engineers use two types of aluminum antenna elements, 800-900MHz and 1700-2700MHz, to make the the spotlight camouflage antenna with wider beamwidth and higher gain. From the antenna element to whole antenna product, RF element, have be innovating constantly to keep up with the professional wireless antenna manufacturer.

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TAG:Decorative Spotlight Camouflage Antenna Solution
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