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New Design 5G 4x4 MIMO Directional Panel Antenna, 617-4200MHz


As we mentioned in the last blog, with the construction of 5G network, in order to meet the greater transmission capacity, now most of 5G indoor network need to be configured with mimo antenna, in either a 2x2 or 4x4 configuration. RF element, are committed to be the leading 5G antenna manufacturer and 5G solutions provider.  We are keeping on the R&D of 5G antennas, such as the 5G indoor antenna, 5G outdoor antenna, 5G omnidirectional antenna and 5G directional antenna.

According to many of our customers requirement, they need one tpye of 5G directional panel antenna with 4x4 configuration, for indoor use. Based on the 5G mimo antenna 2x2, our R&D engineers design one new high frequency PCB borad to meet the 5G high band frequency(1700-4200MHz) to meet the real 5G mimo antenna 4x4 configuration. After the microwave chamber test, we are glad to say that our 5G mimo antenna 4x4 achieves the pretty good performance.

Should you have any requirement or inquiry about our 5G mimo antenna 2x2 or 5G mimo antenna 4x4, just feel free to contact us.