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What is antenna polarization

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For the wireless signal, antenna polarization is the very important characteristic, also the most unknown one.

So as the experienced wireless antenna manufacturer, we RF element want to make the brief of the antenna polarization.

Polarization depends on the antenna installation mode, and installation mode is generally divided into two types: horizontal and vertical. In order to ensure the best network performance, in the point to point applications, the antennas should be the same polarization mode. The greatest advantage of using the different antenna polarization is to reduce the interference. For example, when installing multiple antennas on a signal tower, the best installation method is to stagger the vertically and horizontally polarized antennas from each other to reduce interference.

If the horizontal or vertical polarization cannot meet the needs of wireless applications, there are also dual polarization, cross polarization and circular polarization.

The dual polarization antenna is provided with two kinds of antenna elements in the same physical housing (radome), one of which is a vertical polarization element and the other is a horizontal polarization element. Once the installation method is correct, the dual polarization antenna can communicate with the vertical and horizontal polarization antenna at the same time. One advantage of dual polarization antenna is that it can basically provide two antennas with the same equipment, which can save space and money. This type of antenna is usually used for MIMO (multiple input / multiple output) wireless access points and CPE devices.

Cross polarization antenna sometimes called cross polarization antenna, there are also two element set in the same housing (radome), but one element is + 45 ° polarization and the other is - 45 ° polarization. When the cross polarization antenna is combined with the vertical and horizontal polarization antenna, the interference can be further reduced.

Circularly polarized antennas is the same performance with horizontally or vertically polarized antennas. Circular polarization antennas are divided into right-handed polarization and left-handed polarization to meet the needs of various wireless connection applications. For the moving long-range linear polarization link, using circular polarization antenna on fixed access point can achieve better results.

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TAG:What is antenna polarization
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