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RF element, The 4G LTE mimo feedhorn solution

TAG:RF element, The 4G LTE mimo feedhorn solution

Customer from The Philippines gave us the information that in The Philippines, the long distance point to point wifi grid antenna is quite popular. Now he is looking for one new type of grid antenna, can also support the 4G LET band and wifi band.

So far, we RF element, usually use the die casting aluminum antenna raditation units to make the 2.4GHz wifi feedhorn for the grid and dish. So the frequency band is not wide, only from 2400-2500MHz. To extend the frequency range, the circuit board antenna element is the only option. According to the internal structure of current feedhorn, our engineers develop one wide band LTE circuit board from 1710-2700MHz, not only support the wifi band(2400-2500MHz), but also meet the LTE band.

Happy to receive the feedback that these 4G LTE dual polarized mimo grid antennas are loved by the our Philippine customers.

TAG:RF element, The 4G LTE mimo feedhorn solution
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