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RF element, the solution of wide band spotlight antenna

TAG:RF element, the solution of wide band spotlight antenna

With the rapid development of mobile communication technology, wireless antenna base stations can be seen everywhere. The public is more and more sensitive to the construction of antenna base stations, and it is more and more difficult to build the antenna stations. 

The owners refuse to cover the residential areas by building the base antennas. Therefore, the current indoor moble signal coverage is mostly through the outdoor antenna of the base stations. The common antenna types are spotlight antenna, street lamp antenna, air conditioning antenna, etc.

With the residential buildings getting higher and higher, the spotlight antenna with a conventional horizontal half power beam width of  65 ° can no longer meet the needs of moble signal coverage. Generally, two sets of spotlight antennas are used for signal coverage at the expense of power. Eventually, due to excessive line loss and road loss, the signal strength decreases, resulting in the decline of call quality, traffic loss, and even the loss of high-end users.

To solve this problem, RF element as the experienced wireless manufacturer, design and manufacture a wide band beamwidth spotlight antenna, with a horizontal plane of 30 ° and a vertical plane beam width of 65 °. One antenna replaces the original two antennas, effectively improving the signal strength and call quality in the coverage area.

Should you have any idea or problem of wireless signal coverage, just free to contact us for professional suggestion and solutions.

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TAG:RF element, the solution of wide band spotlight antenna
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