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The Advantages of Large Scale MIMO | 5G MIMO Antenna

TAG:The Advantages of Large Scale MIMO | 5G MIMO Antenna

What is MIMO technology

MIMO is Multi Input Multi Output technology. By using multiple antennas, it can achieve higher throughput and transmission distance than a single antenna at the same radio transmission power. MIMO is one of several forms of smart antenna technology. Other forms are MISO (multiple input, single output) and SIMO (single input, multiple output).

In addition, compared with single antenna systems, MIMO antennas can improve link reliability and reduce attenuation. Because multiple data streams are transmitted at the same time, MIMO antennas can also improve wireless capacity.

The 5G MIMO technology

MIMO has already become the key technology of 5G. Unlike traditional 4G MIMOs, which have up to 8 antenna channels(maximum), the large-scale MIMOs (Massive Multiple Input Multiple Output) implements 16/32/64 channels in 5G.

Large scale MIMO is the beam shaping of a large number of antennas. Through advanced antenna technology on mobile devices and network base stations, wireless signals can be gathered in a specific direction rather than spread to a wide area. Like the difference between a flashlight and a laser pointer, the former can illuminate the whole room, while the latter can continuously point to or track a single user.

With the increase of the number of antennas in MIMO systems, the beamforming becomes "3D beamforming". The 3D beamforming technology can generate horizontal and vertical beams to improve the data transmission rate and capacity for all users (including users at the top of high -rise buildings).With the feedback of the mobile terminal, the beam can find any point in the space. Therefore, no matter whether users are moving on the street or between different floors of the building, they can connect to the network through the focused beam. In addition, the slender direct beam can also reduce the interference between beams in different directions.

The advantages of large-scale 5G MIMO Antenna

1. More accurate 3D beam shaping, improving the received signal strength.

2. At the same time, the same frequency can serve more users and improve the network capacity.

3. Better coverage of remote or near end cells.

4. Effectively reduce inter cell interference.

TAG:The Advantages of Large Scale MIMO | 5G MIMO Antenna
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