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RF element, The applications at different frequency bands, 400MHz to 6GHz

TAG:RF element, The applications at different frequency bands, 400MHz to 6GHz

Different frequency band is for the different application, we need to clear that the wireless antenna products are designed and manufactured according to consumer needs.  As the experienced wireless antenna manufacturer, we want to make a brief about the application of each frequency band.

1, The low frequency bands, 400MHz, 433MHz, 868MHz, 960MHz  are applied in the long-distance stable data transmission. For example, walkie-talkies, wireless meter reading, and monitoring products are the use of the low frequency communication technology. So the antennas of 868/915/960MHz also called the LoRa antennas.

2, The frequency bands, 1575.42MHz, 1227.60MHz are used in global positioning system (GPS) applications, for satellite search and positioning.

3, The 800MHz, 900MHz,1800MHz frequency bands are used for 2G GSM mobile communication system.

4,  The 2000MHz, 2100MHz frequency bands are used for 3G WCDMA mobile communication system.

5, The 2400MHz and 5800MHz frequency, we know them as the WIFI bands, are used for the wireless local network.

6, The frequency bands, 1880-1900MHz, 2320-2370MHz and 2575-2635MHz are called the 4G LTE bands, for the 4G mobile communication system.

7, The frequency bands, 3300-3400MHz, 3400-3600MHz and 4800-5000MHz are applied in the 5G mobile communication system.

Related to 2G/3G/4G/5G mobile communication, the frequency bands are with the characteristics of  low-latency and ultra-low-latency, which can transmit and send huge data packets, files, videos and pictures. The application scenarios are mobile communication scenarios for mobile phones, smart homes, smart industries, smart cities and so on.

Depending on the actual application, some wireless antenna products have a single frequency band, for the wireless antenna manufacturer, we only to design and make one antenna. But usually, some wireless antenna products might include all bands or multiple bands, that require the wireless antenna manufacturer to design and develop the full frequency bands or multiple frequency bands antennas.

RF element, as the leading wireless antenna manufacturer, with the strong RF engineering background, are ready to consult, design and manufacture the custom wireless antenna products built to our clients's exact specifications, especially from 400MHz to 6GHz.

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TAG:RF element, The applications at different frequency bands, 400MHz to 6GHz
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