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4G 5G Antenna Indoor MIMO 2x2 Wall Mounting Panel Antenna, 698-4200MHz,8dBi

4G 5G Antenna Indoor MIMO 2x2 Wall Mounting Panel Antenna

1, Wide Frequency coverage 698MHz to 4200MHz with high performance fit all wireless applications.
2, Seamless implement and perfect matching for 5G, 4G/LTE, 3G, GSM, WIFI frequency band operations.
3, Low PIM,(<-153 dBc @ 2x20W) meets the most demanding PIM requirements for 5G and LTE/4G bands
4, Quick and Easy installations for all wireless applications. Perfect for DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems) which are used to distribute Cellular and WiFi signals throughout a building or area.

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This 4G 5G mimo 2x2 panel antenna is a low PIM rated, high performance wall mounting directional antenna, specifically designed for in-building wireless networks such as DAS (Distributed Antenna Systems), idea for indoor distribution of 5G, 4G/LTE, GSM/CDMA applications. The 2x2 MIMO design can increase the 4G 5G data speeds up to 2x that of a single antenna. The multiband design eliminates the need to purchase different antennas for each frequency. The hign antenna gain from 6dBi to 8dBi, can be used to distribute Cellular and WiFi signals throughout a building or area.

Frequency Range698-4200MHz
Frequency Sub-Range(Mhz)698-806806-9601710-27003300-38003800-4200
Horizontal  Beam width80±10° 70±10° 70±10° 60±10°60±10°
Vertical Beam width50±10° 30±10° 35±10° 40±10° 40±10°
VSWR≤ 1.8≤ 1.6≤1.6≤1.8≤2.0
3rd Order for 2×20 W Carriers-153 dBc
Front-to-Back Ratio≥ 10dB≥ 10dB≥ 15dB≥ 15dB≥ 15dB
Isolation≥ 20dB≥ 20dB≥ 25dB≥ 25dB≥ 25dB
Maximum Power50 W
Connector Type2 Port, 4.3-10 Female or N-Type Female
Length310 mm
Width230 mm
Depth73 mm
Net Weight1.0 kg
Operating Temperature-55° to +60° C (-67° to +140°  F)
Radome MaterialPlastic ABS
Radome ColorWhite
Mounting Optionsfasteners and screws included for wall mounting

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keywords:4g 5g antenna,4g lte antenna,mimo panel antenna,2x2 mimo antenna,low pim mimo antenna,das antenna,cellular antenna

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